Product Engineering

Phiaura specializes both enterprise and mobile application development. With experience in empowering users to perform business transactions on the go, we see our services converge. We have been very successful in product development initiatives.

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Engineering Areas

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Registered office:
C 53, T.V.K. Industrial Estate, Guindy
Chennai – 600032, Tamil Nadu, INDIA
Sales: +91 (96) 0000-2859

Empowering Business

An engineering organization empowering business organizations using software and hardware innovations. We seek and continuously look for opportunities to improve upon what is technically possible now.

We have provided solutions needed in the area of:

Technology Domain Region
Web and Mobile ApplicationMovie Production ManagementIndia
ERPSupply Chain ManagementSingapore
Web Application and Mobile WebLife InsuranceUSA
Consulting and AuditLife InsuranceIndia
Mobile WebCable (Media) operationsUSA
Mobile (Symbian Application)Mutual FundsIndia
Mobile (iOS/iPad Application)Content PublishingUK and India
Mobile (iOS/iPad Application)eLearningIndia
System SoftwarePower Line CommunicationIsrael
System SoftwareVSAT CommunicationIndia
Embedded Hardware and System SoftwareFactory Floor automationIndia

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